Absolute Airport Car Service-Long Island


JFK Airport

Getting you to JFK Airport on Time

Your flight may arrive early or late based on simple factors such as which direction the wind is blowing. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about waiting at the airport if your flight arrives earlier than expected. We use the latest flight tracking software which provides real-time feedback on your flight, and can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you aren’t kept waiting.

In addition, each vehicle is equipped with a special GPS unit that communicates with our dispatch headquarters. This tracking system allows our dispatch team to view your vehicle’s location along with live traffic patterns, so they can guide your driver around any interference. Whether it’s a storm, roadblock, or heavy traffic, we’ll find the fastest way around it so you can reach your destination on time.

Vehicle Choices for Groups of All Sizes

Whether you are planning a group trip, or are in need of a one-person transport to JFK Airport, our large selection of vehicles can accommodate your needs. You can choose from over 100 late-model vehicles to accommodate groups of all sizes, from 2 people in a town car to 50 people in a luxury motor coach.

US and Worldwide Ground Transportation

Do you need transportation at another airport besides JFK? We partner with authorized ground transportation providers around the world, and can arrange to have a driver waiting at just about any airport in the world.

Text & Email Alerts Ensure a Smooth Trip

Planning trips can be stressful. You have to make sure everything is packed, all your hotels are arranged, your house is locked, etc. And the more stressed you are, the more likely you are to overlook or forget something. That’s why we send e-mail and text alerts 24 hours before your pickup. This is one more amenity Premier offers to ensure your travel experience is as smooth as possible.

Airport Pick-up Instructions

Jet Blue only: After your flight arrives, please call us at 631-388-4747  and choose option 3. We will then provide you with pickup instructions.

Delta Elite only: After you exit customs, please proceed to area A to locate your driver. Delta Elite service is available between the hours of 11AM and 8PM.

DOMESTIC arrivals: For domestic arrivals, your driver will meet you in the baggage claim area. *IMPORTANT!* Arrivals from BERMUDA or IRELAND meet in the domestic baggage area.

INTERNATIONAL arrivals: Your driver will meet you outside of customs. For arrivals at Terminal 4, passengers should exit to the right.